Upset with Riot like never before

So at the start of this preseason I was excited for the changes and the new ranking and I understood/understand what is expected out of it and yes I might be lower then I finished. That is fair. I completed my 10 games and went 8-2 which is the best I've ever done my placements and I was really happy and I was placed in Gold 3 and I'm like alright cool, great place to start for Flex que. And now today, I get placed in Silver 4 after 1 game because, well I dont know fucking why, excuse my language but seriously, WTF guys! That is a huge drop, and the fact that I WON my 1 extra placement. So my win from G3 gets me S4 explain that please. If its a mistake on your end for messing something up with how people should rank then that is completely wrong for us the players to be penalized for it. ( I honestly thought, "O, OK" maybe Ill get more where I was like G5, but dropping that low, seriously, more than a full 5 ranks, really?? If I lost the game, then i wouldnt be as pissed.) But either way its wrong for something like that, if anything make us redo the 10 games, not base a whole thing on a single game like WT actual F.. You need 10 games for a consistent placement, ACTUALLY, you only need 1. Come on guys you are better then that... First time I have been this angry with Riot. Fix it!!!
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