So on the state of bruisers:

For those of you not using reddit Gentleman-Gustaf recently agreed to have a talk with hashinshin, after a video got uploaded where he complains about various things regarding the state of toplane. While Gentleman-Gustaf is not directly on the balance team the hope is that he can direct it over to some of the right people as the state of toplane at the moment is pretty appaling. I know a lot of people hate Hashinshin but please lets be civil about this. So what do you want to se for changes to toplane? New items? Should there be less cc? Should tanks be less immortal early game? Give me your best suggestions, but remember to keep it civil. Everything in toplane at the moment works somewhat as it should except for bruisers which normally play a big role in the balance of top lane. Currently tanks can survive but will get outpushed by carries or juggernauts while matchups without tanks can swing either way depending on what happens. Unfortunately the state of divers, or bruisers as some call them, is less than ideal and has been so for a while. For me the main gripes can easily be summarized to some simple points: * Divers currently need to snowball but are unable to do so because tanks very easily counter them itemwise in the form of bramblevest and ninja tabi. I would increase cost but also stats of both items to the point where such items are usually not available before level 8 so that divers have a chance to get kills. * Seeing as divers need to snowball the fact that stopwatch is a good rune on nearly everyone makes that very hard. In dive situations that is a kill denied by the user, and the broken stopwatch can then be sold for gold. Riot is currently atempting to make the rune worse by putting up against magical footwear but I doubt people will stop taking it. Possible nerfs could include increasing the timer or having it sell for 0 gold and being worth less of the items total cost. * Junglers has a lot of catchup xp, meaning that they can gank more freely and with wind drakens out, they have less incencitive to stay around bot lane. This means that in a long lane, where we do not have an extra person to help warding and where trades are melee and often without ezreal and tristana like escape, it simply becomes much riskier to trade or go all in. * Divers need to snowball since come post laning phase they have to either splitpush which is hard against champions that can either insta clear waves (gankplank) or are simply to tanky to dive. Even carries can be hard to dive since they pack a lot of damage and outside lategame you cannot tank a tower for a longtime without having build tank, which means you are not killing the carry. So unless snowballed the diver cannot splitpush. This would be fair if they could teamfight, but long duration, high power shields, exhaust and a load of cc all put in place to stop assassins kills this option. For assassins they at least can sometimes suprise the support can kill their carry before they can react, but divers focus more on continual damage than burst so the support should be able to react unless the diver is fed and has assassin potential. This can be remidied in many ways but most of them involve changing significant things in other lanes so let us not go there for now. * A last minor point: But diver itemization is absolutely terrible as it is, with most of them either going triforce into hydra (either one) and steraks or black cleaver into hydra and then full tank or full ad like an assassin. This means that their first two to three items will only give them AD and health with the same type of unique effects every single game. A diver that has multiple builds outside of which tank items to get or which hydra item to get is almost non existant and seems to me to be the most lacking class when it comes to items. So what are your points? What would you like to see outside of things riot has already told us they are working on (mainly a new keystone)? And remember be civil!! TL;DR: What changes do you wanna see toplane?
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