@Meddler Is Lucian being looked at for direct buffs?

So my main man Lucian got hit really hard with the preseason changes. TBH the original nerf due to his GB/BC build that put him at around a 47/48% win rate was a bit rough. Now that the preseason changes are in he is sitting at 46.33% winrate with a 15% playrate and both numbers are continuing to fall. I saw that there are ferver buffs on the PBE but Im not sure that these will be enough. As it stands, Lucian, who is supposed to be a lane bully, loses lane to just about every ADC including Vayne and Twitch. So my question is: Is Lucian getting looked at for any buffs to help his laning phase? I personally think upping the early game passive % would do wonders for him without making him too OP. I appreciate any insight and as always keep up the good work.
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