"Give up tons of farm and wait for late game" is the most unfun "counterplay" imaginable.

The most frustrating thing about top lane for people who don't play the role often are fucking "lane bullies". Champions like {{champion:58}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:126}} whom essentially make you feel like you're playing from behind the moment the laning phase starts because they will blow your ass up the moment you attempt to step to a minion near them. If you didn't counterpick them directly for one reason or another, you have to just hang back like a bitch and fall behind in farm until the late game comes and these champions fall off on their own. It's honestly downright emasculating to have fucking Renekton sit his fat scaly ass on top of your waves free farming while you give up minion after minion just because he is there. It ends up being a test of how much you can take before you get frustrated and try to eke out a cannon minion at the wrong moment.
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