I feel Aatrox’s new ult is poor design

Mainly in that I see no real downside to using it beyond accidentally pressing the R button out of a fight. Fearing minions alone allows you to dive into a trade without worrying about minion aggro, but I can accept this. What I can’t understand is why he gets to reposition himself as he’s resurrecting himself. The inherent weakness of revive abilities is that your position can screw you over (Anivia, Sion, GA) as everyone can either get away from you or sit on your back with a gun to your head ready to double tap. But Aatrox gets to position himself from what I’m seeing. I’m also not a fan of his resurrection coming online when he dies in ult. That just means his ult is a basic get out of jail card for escaping. Now I’m probably sounding a bit hypocritical as a Sion main here, but it feels like that defeats the purpose of his ult. Hell, I’d argue his ult is going to be used more as a defensive spell then an offensive one. At least Sion uses his ult for engages like 48% of the time. Also, don’t understand why his E needs to give him AD.
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