Guys, you can't have both ways.

If Riot releases a champion full of skillshots, they are going to have a ton of damage to make up for that damage being unreliable. If Riot releases a champion with reasonable damage, that damage is going to have to be reliable to make up for its lacking quantity. This isn't a super complicated concept, but the Boards can't wrap their heads around it. If Riot releases a champion with high damage output, the boards start moaning about powercreep. If Riot releases a champion with *literally anything that hits an enemy* as a targeted spell, the boards have an aneurysm because **"MUH COUTNERPLAY"**. When it comes to Mobas, there are basically three design philosophies. 1. Damage is relatively low, but reliable. As a result ,the game is more oriented towards tactics than mechanics (Dota 2, old League). 2. Damage is high but unreliable. As a result, the game is heavily oriented towards flashy mechanical outplays (Current League). 3. Damage is relatively low *and* unreliable. As a result, your game is too mechanically oriented for the Tactical players and isn't flashy enough for the mechanical players, so *nobody plays it* (Smite, Heroes of the Storm). Yes, damage is out of control right now. You know how you fix that? Here's a hint; it sure as hell isn't turning everything on Ryze's kit into a skillshot.
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