Is it hard to make an AI that can look at properties in a game for ranked?

For example, looking at a game and giving a player a result based on what they've done / what they've accomplished. If it isn't, then why not make a system that doesn't punish people for having a 0/25 bottom lane: 5LP For a win -5LP For a loss 3LP For creep score (make the AI ignore this factor when playing a support, read below for the replacement value) REPLACEMENT HERE: 3LP For pinging strategic locations (An AI can trace whether or not something is being pinged for whatever or not.) 3LP Based on kill participation (this includes assists) 3LP Based on Objective Participation. 5LP Based on Contributed Deaths (AI should be able to tell whether or not something is cancelled. For example, trading 1 for 1 isn't bad - but trading 0 / 1 is awful while trading 1 / 2 is very good.) 1 Additional LP based on honor Remove the placement tests and instead make a static number like in Rainbow Six Siege / Overwatch. This will enable people to enter elos that they're suitable with REGARDLESS if they're winning or not, as winning is a lot different than outperforming those around you. Let's say: You're a good player and you: Have 100 CS at 10 minutes: +3 You lost the match: -5 Have 90% kill participation +3 You got ALL of the objectives yourself: +3 Contributed deaths: +5 People honored you because bottom lane fed 25 kills and top fed 7 kills to the enemy Riven while the jungle Eve keeps thinking that split pushing is a good idea: +1 Regardless if you lost, you just gained 10 LP because you as a player have performed very well; regardless of how shitty your team is playing. Now . . . you're a bad player and you: Have 40 CS at 10 minutes: +1 You lost the match: -5 Have 0% kill participation, because you're playing pacifist tryndamere: 0 You got NO objectives yourself or with your team: 0 Contributed deaths: -5 People didn't honor you because you're playing AP Zac and ended up feeding 15 deaths: 0 You just lost 9 LP, you're not very good at the game so you should be losing LP to find a spot or elo that is more fit for you.

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