Wukong has been left out to die.

I've noticed that Wukong hasnt recieved any attention at all that I can remember. The last notable change I can even recall is patch 8.17 and that was mediocre at best. He's been in a terrible situation for 2, possible 3 seasons in a row and has still not received any attention from Riot at all. I understand that he has a poor playrate, but that's probably due to the fact that, yuh know, he's been brushed aside? But I'm not one to just ask for things without giving suggestions and such, that would be lazy on my part. So, what could Riot change? Well, a lot of Wukongs kit really isnt all that great stat-wise. The kit itself works fine, it just needs a bit of adjustments to make him more on-board with the rest of the meta top-picks like Riven, Draven, Jax, etc. There's also the matter of Wukong Jungle, which is arguably just as bad/good as Top. But we'll get into that soon. Q His Q is all around his weakest link. It does good damage, but having it start with literally 0 AD scaling when it's his primary for of lane harassment AND farm makes it over all terrible. The flat damage and scaling damage at early levels is laughable. It's basically just a slightly longer auto attack. To make this ability stronger, all they really need to do is increase the AD scaling. It needs at least **something** for level one, hell even if it's just 10% AD, it needs **something.** W There isnt really much wrong with this ability, it does what it needs to. A longer time in invisibility would probably help him more in jungle and make better plays in toplane, but that can be debated. E His primary engage, jungle clear and attack speed. It's a decent ability, with average damage, scaling and attackspeed buffering. The problem is that Wukong doesnt really prioritize attack speed. It's pretty much useless outside of jungle farming and a little bit of help in the scrappy 1v1s if he cant burst them fast enough. But the whole point of Wukong is to burst a target down like Khazix, using Duskblade twice with his W invisibility. I'd say it's much better to lower the attackspeed and transfer that strength into some more flat or scaling damage to aid in his primary role as an assassin. R His R is actually probably the only admirable part of his kit. It does good damage, great CC, over all there isnt much to complain about. This ones solid. Passive This is...useless. Let's just face it, Wukongs passive is completely and totally useless in every way. The amount of armor and MR you get makes basically no difference in any situations, even 5v5 teamfights. He's not a tank or a bruiser, he doesnt need resistances. He needs damage or mobility. Personally I'd rather have his passive go along side his identity of an extending staff wielding monkey, Wukong. A longer base attack range, which would both help him in harassing toplaners and bursting enemies down faster for a jungler, since it would allow him to get his Q off at a longer range. Something like a 125-175 range. Just enough to poke past frontline minions to hit champions and back away. Top and Jungle. Which one's better? Well, honestly I think that comes down to preference. If Riot wants to make a decision to make him either or, so be it, but right now I honestly think he can do both just fine. He just needs buffs, really badly. There hasnt been a time where I can honestly remember Wukong being a meta pick, hell I cant even remember him being a **good** pick. Help this poor monkey out.
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