Can we lower the width on Brand's W?

The most recent nerf really did nothing, adding 10 mana to W doesn't effectively change anything about how broken he is, he just does way too much damage with way too few items. I feel lowering the width of his W a bit would be a step in the right direction. When laning against a support Brand, unless you have tumble, blink, or maybe strut available, if he w's you with cursor on you, it's almost impossible to not get hit by it, and it does maybe 1/5 to 1/4 of your health pool with no real risk, as he's able to cast it from extremely far away. Adding the ability to escape this ability would make it a bit more balanced, since it is currently impossible if you aren't already moving, have a gap closer, or tier 2 boots. later in team fights, when he is able to engulf the entire team in one W and then ult, if he has 2-3 core items, it almost kills an entire team, for someone who points and clicks an ult that seems a bit out of control, yes there are counter measures, however, say there is a brand support with an annie, there's absolutely no counterplay at this point if she tibbers ults you, or amumu ult, wombo combo is a thing, however, oriana ult, yasuo ult, malphite ult, none of these do as much damage as brand with similar gold count to make brand an actual fair champion to play against, you'd have to lower W width, lower ult damage slightly, and that would be about it. he would still be on par with other mid laners, just not disgustingly broken. I'd ideally like to see champions that are easy to play have more risk involved for their reward, leaving champions that require a lot of map awareness, technically, and mechanical skill to be as strong, if not stronger to reward you for putting in more effort. People say this is unfair all day, but don't complain about hyperscaling champions, even though it's the same thing, put in effort at the beginning to stay alive, win easier in the end. hopefully this will be taken seriously and doesn't end up as another brand main downvoting fest.
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