Riot's attitude towards feedback and criticism is pretty childish

There's only really two places they can get lots of feedback from, here and the subreddit. Their activity on these boards may as well be non existent. And if you say that it's because people are "mean" to them, then might I recommend you try to be less selective in the posts you click on. There are plenty of threads that can be counted as "constructive" by their standards as well. Don't be a policeman if you can't deal with criminals. Don't be a psychiatrist if you can't deal with depressed people. Don't make an online game if you can't deal with people yelling at you over the internet. The subreddit, however, is presumably the only place they really go to for that sort of thing. Coincidentally enough, it's so heavily moderated (by bots and mods) that it's virtually impossible to make any thread criticizing them. Go ahead and try to make one. So the only threads that exist are the ones that talk about what a great job they're doing. Sorry, this is what children expect from people. An adult understands that there are different people who want different things and when you make a piece of media, you are opening yourself up to criticism. If you want only positives, go ask your mother for that. And people wonder why the balance team haters only come here. Uh...maybe because this is the only place where you can have a voice?
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