Support maltreatment - Yet again you find another line to cross

The sins of the community continue to stack up. This new one is unforgivable. More than that, you have proven me exactly right in my ongoing narrative of the institutionalized support maltreatment. So during the draft pick again, I agree to trade with (who else) Xin. I'm the support, as always, and I prefer to go last so I can better compensate for whatever shortcomings we end up having, because that's just another job the support has to do. I want Nami. They don't have Nami. I list a few other champions I would prefer. They pick one that I didn't list. One I didn't want. One who I almost never play. The absolute worst one, considering our and the enemy's lineup. Alistar. Why? In Xin's reasoning "Alistar is really good right now. I want Alistar." He locks it in, even after I tell him no. Then he and the rest of the team proceed to belittle and berate me every goddamn minute of the game for over an HOUR. Then I get a four man report at the end of the game and god knows if they were able to convince the enemy team to report me (god knows they tried), even though we won, even though I pulled more than my own weight in that game. And no, this isn't a matter of "oh, you just ran into a troll premade". That's the community's excuse for everything. Not everyone out there is premade, and this isn't the first and sure as shit not the last time this has happened. Literally no other role out there gets treated this poorly, not even the jungler. No one else would dare give a mid-laner Lux over Zed, but because it's the support, people think they are entitled to just about anything and everything. They think they're allowed to hold absolute command over the support, telling them who to pick, what to build, and whether or not they work in your favor, once you're done with them, shoot them and go get a new one. After all, they're only a dime a dozen, it's really easy to just go find a new one, right? ........right?! How long was your last queue? I keep hearing stories about how it takes people 20-30 minutes just to find one match. Want to know why it's taking so long? Because you have turned the support into an endangered species. Not only have you failed MISERABLY to change your behavior, even as you have begun to feel the ill effects starting this season, but you have actually gotten worse. It seems to have become a challenge by the community to drive the support role into extinction. Because of that, I hope Riot doesn't release Solo Queue. In fact, I want them to get rid of everything EXCEPT Dynamic Queue. I want you all to experience the effects of the years of constant maltreatment and disenfranchisement you have cast on the supports. [ I want the lobby to be your blank screen.]( This isn't Riot's doing; it's all you. And I hope you pay dearly for it.
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