i miss when i could be tanky because i had tank items

and not because I had some ridiculous combination of self-shielding, % damage reduction, or outright ignoring damage altogether remember when you didn't need to have any of that to be durable as long as you just built for being durable? remember when most tanks didn't have a whole ability slot dedicated specifically to temporary tankiness and it was usually just a passive nowadays I can have >5k health on Volibear, with solid investment in resists, and I'll just vanish in 3 seconds as soon as I draw focus like I'm supposed to, regardless of how fed I am, because armor and MR don't mean shit after everyone else gets their 3rd item and I don't have any innate eHP booster like a fat 800 hp shield on a 5 second downtime to keep me going. don't even feel like building randuin's like I used to pick up on every single fighter. Right now you're better off just running flat health for your first 3 items on any fighter who can afford to pick up {{item:3078}} / {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} and this will keep you alive a hell of a lot better than items that don't let you 1-shot anyone squishier than Sion, because right now the best way to survive is just to kill everyone else first. this game is so frustrating right now, i can't stand that I've lost tons of flat HP and a good chunk of resists that I used to have all because riot insists on passing out absurd defenses to every tank and mobile fighter that they conjure up a design for. I can't even survive on Illaoi with buying Death's Dance anymore, because that damage delay gets crippled by the bonus true damage fighters and marksmen are getting. (800g grievous wounds notwithstanding) doesn't even feel like there's a point in trying to be tanky right now. in season 8, you either are or you're not
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