Veigar and counterplay - what went wrong?

Whenever Veigar is in a game, it doesn't matter how he performs in lane, if he farms or how he builds - he's ALWAYS going to be able to instantly delete any champion with less than 2000 HP and 200 magic resist in 2-3 spells. Why is his ultimate an execute when he has the highest and most easily accessible AP scaling in the game? He already outranges all the marksmen in the game - why does he have to be able to instantly 100-0 anyone from enchanters to tanks in a single spell rotation (or in many cases, just a Q and an ult)? Why can't he be limited to assassinating squishies OR chunking tanks like all the other champions in the game? And even then, why do his basic spells have no downtime whatsoever? His cage has a cooldown equal to its duration - once it fades, he can place it back down again. Why? When he already has a long-range piercing skillshot with an enormous hitbox that deals more base damage than most ultimate abilities? And to top it all off, even if you zone him from last-hitting, he gains stacks just from hitting you? So even if he can't farm he's still gaining AP? Where's the counterplay?
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