Yasuo is the strongest champion in League,no matter how much you say he isn't.

(Ignore the title that was classic clickbait) You think yasuo is balanced? Yeah maybe if you weren't vsing first time yasuo's in bronze v you would think he's strong. Yasuo is the most cost-efficent crit adc in the game,With the purchase of one item ( {{item:3046}} ) he is able to reduce of the cooldown of his q and his ultimate. And recieve 60% crit,whilst gaining a passive that makes him a insane duelist (the 12% dmg reduction from PD) and the abillity to chase people easier making him an even better duelist. Did I also mention his passive gives him a Shield to protect him from poke,that can easily be regained in ~100 tile movements,which makes him impervious to poke aswell as getting x2 crit from items with his passive and the trade off for having 2 godlike passives in one is a mere -10% crit dmg which is nothing because he buys infinity edge 2nd item and since off how it became cheaper he can get much quicker into the game and just brush off this tradeoff of -10% crit and still get 40% extra crit dmg from infinity edge. And did i mention the fact that building attack speed is the equivalent for cdr for him meaning building any attack speed item will lower his q/r cooldown. Increasing his dps from autoattacks and abillities. And did i mention how his w will block any projectile? (disincluding lasers,but let's be honest who cares about ({{champion:99}} ,{{champion:161}} ) Making him an amazing teamfighting champion even more, He is extremely mobile in teamfights due to his e's low cooldown (0.1 at max rank) And his ultimate makes him synergize with litteraly any champion with a knockup meaning the yasuo could miss every q but if that blitzcrank presses e on you,you can be sure {{champion:157}} is pressing r. This champion just has a toxic design overall You beat him in lane,and he manages to get pd finally prepare your fucking asshole,because he is now fucking zeus and he's ready to fucking reign thunder your ass. You are never able to go even in lane with yasuo because of how cost-efficient he is it's either you beat him and he comes back 2mins later, or he beats you and snowballs harder than a {{champion:80}}. and if your wondering what kind of salt made me write this thread it's the kind of salt you get from people saying "git gud just beat him in lane and you win ez" or how when someone says how he comes back so easily and they say "name one melee champ skirmisher that doesn't do that" NOBODY in the whole of league is cost-efficient like yasuo. I wrote alot and it's mostly unorganized so if you somehow read this ty if you didn't here's the tl;dr Riot delete yasuo.exe kthanks :)
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