Do we really only get 2 Rune Pages?

So I'm just now getting around to working on runes (been playing almost 4 months now) and was shocked that we only get 2 rune pages without having to shell out money for more (or spend a large amount of time grinding for 6300 IP). For something that has such a major impact on the game, this is kind of a let down from Riot. The runes themselves already cost a large amount of IP. I suggest that we receive 5 (or 4 or even 3, just more than 2) rune pages to begin with. That is sufficient enough to where we won't be at a disadvantage (solely from the lack of available rune setups) to other players that have been playing a lot longer or have paid money to unlock more, yet it also keeps the option for Riot to make their money because most players will still purchase additional pages.
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