Pre-Season 6 opinions

There are many opinions on the preseason like every year where there have been massive changes. Season 5 was honestly THE least changed the game has ever been. People liked that but it caused the game to stagnate and people to play even more passively. Then comes this pre-season which brings massive changes to the game flow. Some embrace it others hate it. The Vocal people seem to hate it where as the people who don't mind are playing the game and enjoying themselves and the change of pace. I personally like the changes it brings league back to a faster paced game like it was before. This season sure does have quite a few radical changes which could be bad i suppose. Towers could use some love and adcs could use a little nerf in some way (not necessarily directly to the champions mind you). Once those changes have been done then things will feel better. People forget that there were players asking for adcs to get buffed because they contributed next to nothing early game which was true in most cases. So Riot gave them some early game power and the suddenly the role that generally gets the most gold in the game started snowballing faster which leads to the current issue. ADCs dictate the flow of a game currently One gets fed you have to ensure your adc gets fed as well to balance out things. People are to used to assassins in mid and bruisers in top carrying the game for most of the game. Its all about being able to adapt to the changes that are happening. I can tell you one thing for sure. The way the game feels currently will be the same for a while. Riot will do some nerfs to bring things in line as they have always done with pre-season changes. People just tend to forget that right now ranked doesn't really matter since you aren't fighting to get to a spot before end of season. Play the game and experiment that's what pre season is for. Sure some of the changes need nerfed that's not a question. Things will be fine though. It will get back to a state that's not so bad once they have enough data to form good changes with. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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