Can't decide which lane to main

I have played almost every lane over 9 seasons ( havent really played jungle though, I just hate it for some reason) and I just can't seem to stick to one lane for more than 20 games there is always something that starts to annoy me. Top lane mostly has no impact, I am not good enough to just snowball lane and carry the game. Mid lane has no impact as I dont like playing roaming champs. I like playing support ( played in clash as there was no one in my team who could play support) but only with my friends, because in soloQ, again, I feel like I can't do anthing if my adc or team are stupid. This leaves adc that I have been playing lately but I am sure that I will quit that too. And this is a big problem because I am jack of all trades and good at every lane but not very good at any of them and I want to get master next season but I feel like I am falling behind because people who have played one lane for 600 games but I for 50 usually will be better than me and I will be lacking experience. So do you guys have any tips to stick to one lane? Or maybe jumping between lanes is not so bad after all?

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