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I know that there will always be white knights who will defend RIOT and say that we as community dont understad balancing, but you dont have to be genius about some things.Here are my suggestions: 1.Camille - get her out from jungle.Add that litle white text below her abilities who caps her dmg against monsters.Kill her clear potential and get her back to top lane. 2.Jax - add more coldown do his W on early game which scale back to his current CD in late game.That way he can't be that opressive in lane and that will hurt his clear in early game in jungle. 3.LeBlanc - that is easy af.Nerf her E range so when she goes in ,especially against melle champions, it will be risky for her and we actually can trade with her. 4.Irelia - remove her attack speed from her passive.Old Irelia didn't hade atck speed steroid and it was fine. 5.Viktor - move hes move speed buff on Q, to hes E. 6.Aatrox - remove the atack range buff from his passive and cooldown mechanic. 7.Akali - this is easy af.Remove her true stealth and add coldown to her passive. 8.Dark Harvest - just revert it, please.You will end up killing another rune just because this shitt you did cannot be balanced. Alot of players know what are problems with most of broken champions, and beg RIOT to fix or remove those elements.Instead RIOT, do other shit like atack speed,move speed nerfs and other bullshit, because they think that Camile E,Akali shroud, LeBlanc and Irelia mobility,etc. is healty for the game. Why they think that?Because they dont play the game against players who mastered those broken champion mechanics and are basically unstopable.

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