I hate leagues state but it's hard to quit the game.

I've been playing since season 3 and it's a really difficult task for me at least to leave this game. It's not that it's keeping me entertained, let me describe it's state right now for you. This game CURRENTLY is absolute garbage, it's falling down hill just like Bernie's campaign, Balance is joke, ranked? what's that. It's currently in it's worst state, this games never been perfect but it's also never been this bad. Don't go tell me I'll say that about the next season and if I every do it just proves that this game it's shit, thats how much I (insert all negative vibes in here) this game. But it's hard to quit for me at least, I can't say I'll quit the game and go to overwatch. This game is something I come home to. So it's almost like an addiction, I saw the video named "I love league of legends, but hate playing it" and that's really what I feel right now. Riot, not like you're reading this but just please make this game great again, or I'm gonna say this bluntly give it to another company, and it's hard for me to say that too. The reason why I'm saying that is because I lost faith in riot as a company. Prospering things and then saying it's not coming back (solo queue), they admit their mistakes but when they "fix" them they are going in the wrong direction entirely. I don't really care how much downvotes this gets because I believe everything that I mentioned and nothing will change it.
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