Should Quinn be NERFED?

I understand that Riot tries to make every champion balanced to some extent, however Riot really only nerf's and changes champion based on LoLESports. The majority of League players are not pro's and champion changes and nerf's don't help us. I am currently Gold 5 which sucks but Quinn in lower ELO or mid ELO outshines many other champions. I believe that if a champion can fill 4/5 roles in League something is unbalanced and or needs to be changed. Quinn can be played top, jungle, mid, and adc without any setbacks which I find overpowered. I understand that Quinn can be countered and may not be a problem to some but I would like to see some changes to her passive, in ways that it should not be able to be proc'ed 3 times in a row. Her map presents and damage output is outrages. I understand that some will be opposed to my opinion but I would still like to see her played in less than 4/5 roles and see her passive change slightly to help her lane opponents and mid to late game power. (Why change Zed or Talon if Quinn is not gonna be changed?)
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