Name THREE champions that if you could, would delete. For any reason possible.

For me The champs would be {{champion:119}} I have 100k mastery ( minimum ) on every adc except ezreal twitch kog and draven. I have 900k on Caitlyn, 300k on mf, 250k on ashe, 140k on sivir, No matter what the fuck i do, i cant stand fighting draven. I hate getting 1-2 shotted by an adc, as an adc. {{champion:67}} Oh im 0-7? Too bad i can 3 shot you no matter what the fuck my score is. I have half your cs and you have 6 kills on me? Nope still stronger. {{champion:157}} Who the fuck made this champ. For real. Its not even yasuo that bothers me. Its his fucking player base. Oh we need AP? better pick yasuo. Oh we need a tank with cc? Better pick yasuo top. Oh the enemy team is extremely punishing against melee champs? Better pick yasuo. Oh enemy team has malphite zac and nautilus and we are all ad? Better pick yasuo. You know so those 3 thornmails make your adc feel right at fucking home. Oh im negative? Better blame my jungler. For real #done ranting

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