These Amumu buffs are rediculously unhealthy

When I heard Amumu was getting a passive change to be doing 15% of all magic damage as bonus true damage to marked targets, it made no sense so me. Amumu as a jungler already has great clear and good damage, with excellent team fight power. As odd as I saw the passive change to be, I took Amumus recent win rate into account and thought ok, maybe this is needed. However, This change: W - Despair DAMAGE 8/12/16/16/20/24 per second ⇒ 10/15/20/25/30 per second **TICK RATE Once per second ⇒ Once per half-second (half damage per tick)** new AS SALTY AS THEY COME Despair refreshes Cursed Touch on all enemies hit The straight up buffs to the damage is already out of line, however the tick change is the big part here, and is what will turn amumu into one of the strongest if not the strongest junglers in the game. Because there are now more ticks, paired with the passive, Amumu will be dealing crazy amounts of true damage to enemies very rapidly, and this is just Amumu alone, pair this passive with an ap mid or top and he becomes devastating. I can see Amumu rising once again to the highest win rates like he has been for the past months, and I see no reasoning to this sheer amount of buffs.

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