Reminder to buff Rageblade User champions on Both builds

I'm aware that {{item:3124}} is currently in the process of being nerfed very harshly. Personally I think the item will be too weak after nerf but who knows. Either way, {{champion:110}}Ap{{champion:145}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:518}} on on-hit builds will be too weak after this nerf. Although some simple on-hit buffs would be nice, I'd love it if both, ad on-hit, and ap on-hit builds were viable. As someone who absolutely loves Ap on-hit neeko with {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} , been playing it over 600 games across 2 different accounts, I would be devastated if this build would be removed. Sorry If I missed any on-hit adcs, but either way, they will need buffs with this removed, 90% sure.
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