What is the Issue with Zoe?

In all honesty I don't see what the issue is with Zoe. I haven't played her yet, but I really don't see what makes her so op. I mean from what I understand of her abilities they boil down to. Passive: cast spells gain stronger attacks. From what I saw the bonus isn't amazing and her attack range is average. As such if she wants to make use of the skill she needs to get close and is an artillery mage so is liable to get her killed. Q. Skillshot that deals high dmg if landed from long range. Zoe's bread and butter. While I have seen it do like 80-100% of peoples health as her pretty much ONLY damaging ability it does need to hurt. It seems pretty shit in all honesty if she doesn't hit you with an E or get a long range snipe. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe its the fastest projectile in the game and yet since Zoe needs to get a long range for it to really hurt as much as a Lux, Xerath or Syndra combo it seems to be overrated. W. I can see why this ability is considered "overpowered" not in concept (Opponets use summoners and actives and you can copy them) But rather the fact you can keep stolen actives and sums for fucking ever. (I don't know if their actually permanent but they do seem to last for far too long) make it so they only last 4 seconds out of combat and it seems like they'd work just fine. Especially since you need to get close to pick up spell shards putting Zoe at risk. E. Put shit to sleep extends to range if thrown through wall and becomes a trap if a wiffed. Sleep causes bonus dmg but is delayed. So a bit like a stun; with a relatively slow speed and distinctive look as long as your paying attention it's about as hard to dodge as a morg Q. What's more is that it's delayed so unlike Morg Zoe can't drowsy you to get away without zhonyas. As if your on her she'll likely die before sleep takes effect. R. A short-ranged jump useful for extending Q dmg and evading skillshots but is unusable as an escape since Zoe always returns. Again seems like an ability that requires Zoe to land the E or be in a safe location. Not much to say in my opinion >.> Personally I feel like Zoe is the next Camille. A character who was too strong on release not due to an inherently broken kit (cam is panth 2.0 and you don't see people complaining about him) but having an inherently intolerable kit to fight without an immediate noticeable weakness. (Yes Zoe is vulnerable to dives and nimble ADC's her W does make her a lot more annoying then the other Artillery mages) That's going to get nerfed and eventually forgotten as outside of a fun kit, and being annoying doesn't have much to offer. But hey that's my opinion and I'd really like to read on what you people think since personally I don't see the ruckus and it seems that she's being hated because shes a CertainlyT and annoying to fight.

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