Ornn idea's, he feels weak atm

First of all I don't think he should have AD scalings, nothing about him says AD to me. AP tank would make him WAY more appealing. I think that's the biggest buff you could give him. Make him scale on AP instead of AD and slightly buff his base damages. So scaling would be Passive: 4-10% Max health depending on level < A slight nerf to not make him obsurd with scaling changes, since he would be doing more damage on his abilities. Q: 40/55/70/110/140 + 45% AP E: 30/45/75/100/125 + 15% TOTAL armor + 15% TOTAL MR + 10% AP E: Shockwave: 50/120/160/200/230 + 25% Total armor + 25% Total MR + 10% AP R: 150/250/350 + 35% AP
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