Regarding the Pantheon rework...

… can you please make him into a more late game team fight oriented champion? Thematically right now, he doesn't make sense. He is a freakin Spartan. He should excel at dueling not only in the early game, but throughout the entire game. Letting him get outscaled by almost every melee champion just doesn't make sense, and it's not like all early game champions get outscaled by other melee champions with weaker a laning phase. Look at {{champion:122}} and {{champion:58}}. Both are allowed to be early game bullies (sure, not the extent of Pantheon, but still strong in the right hands), who are still strong at dueling into late game. They may not the best team fighters, but they are still more durable than Pantheon in team fights, giving them higher damage potential to execute enemies in the right conditions. I don't mind if Panth gets outscaled by champions like {{champion:24}} and {{champion:114}} in 1v1s, but he should be at least be a team fight oriented champion in the late game, with a strong dueling potential. If he is the Artisan/Aspect of War, he should excel at coordinating and leading team fights. Team fight is moment when war starts, and Pantheon should be the very embodiment of it. Look at {{champion:44}}. He is supposed to be the counterpart to Pantheon. He is the Aspect of the Protector while Pantheon is the Aspect of War. Taric excels at protecting allies in team fights with his armor buffs, heals, stuns, and invulnerability ult. Pantheon, on the other hand, is just a completely selfish champion. He doesn't bring anything offensively to his team. His goal is to land his ult onto an isolated squishy carry, and hopefully delete him/her before the enemy team reaches late game. Maybe redesigning Pantheon's ult into more like a {{champion:240}} or {{champion:13}} ult would make sense. Also, I wouldn't mind if the rest of his kit were changed. For example, I really like what Riot did with {{champion:41}}. They changed his kit from being a crit-based champion who is supposed to chunk a single squishy target with his gun shot, to being a late game hyper carry, whose kit revolves around his explosive barrels that provide aoe burst damage and slow, a perfect ability to initiate and lead team fights (plus his ult) in a position of offense. In a way, Gangplank makes more sense as the Aspect of War than Pantheon right now. I know if these changes were to be implemented on Pantheon, he would have to sacrifice his early game dominance in lane, and, that would disappoint many one-trick Pantheon players, but, me personally, I wouldn't mind these changes. Plus, it's not like Riot never disappointed other one-trick ponies by completely changing their champions' kit. I mean, look at {{champion:266}}.
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