Let's Talk About the Zyra Changes

As a Zyra main, I have some really mixed feelings about the rework. In some respects, I think Riot nailed the idea of her being part of a sprawling garden, but therein lies the frustrating elements of her new kit: * The passive is underwhelming and problematic since the seeds spawn in seemingly random places. It feels very similar to the Illaoi tentacles. The biggest problem though, is that the spawned plants last for HALF the time of her old plants. While this makes sense for late game when you have lots of seeds spawning, it's pretty awful for her early game. A QoL suggestion: can the plant timer be decreased based on the number of plants spawned? 5 seconds for 1 or 2 plants, 2.5 seconds for anything more. * In addition to the nerf on the plant timers, the plants also do less damage -- understandable since you can spawn so many. Again, I think scaling damage for the plants would make sense here too. At least in the early game. Overall, Zyra seems weaker in mid and support. Prior to these changes, even if you got behind, you still had an impact in the game. Now, if you get behind, it feels like you are a nonentity. **I understand the desire to reward players for growing a garden when skirmishing rather than having single plants. However, when your passive spawns seeds all over the place, it makes it really hard to have the control to capitalize on that. **
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