What was the reason behind keeping Ryze's R?

I want a clear and concise reason behind why the team teleport is being kept the exact same and buffed. You wanted to close the gap between the Solo Queue weakness and the Pro Play strength. Yet, you went the complete opposite way. The only people who can use the team teleport are people who are on comms together. Who have practiced it a bunch. Somehow you think that buffing the R is going to magically make his Solo queue win rate go up and his pro presense go down? His ulti is the reason he is in the predicament in the first place. I don't know how you got to the conclusion that, keeping his ulti was somehow going to be good for him. It just feels awful now to play him on the PBE. He is a worse kayle. Kayle as least can heal herself and make it so that she doesn't die instantly, while still offering the same benefits to a team that a solo ryze would. I give up with this decision making. Its completely backwards, with no explanation as to why it is being kept.
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