Should I get fiora or wukong

I need a champion to carry top with. Remember I'm a b4 scrub. I admit I suck or i wouldnt be bronze. If I were good, I would be gold by now. Anyways should I get fiora or wukong. Fiora is one of those textbook everyone's salty about being brain-dead champions. I tried her myself in normals since she's free. I did ok. Nothing stellar. I just wait for them to mis posit to where I have a clear shot at a vital then q them and e then go back. That's how you trade. From what I can see, low skill floor with a high skill cap. Anyways she is also known for snowballing when ahead then getting 1v5s. Wukong is also a carry top lane who is amazing in teamfights as long as your team follows up. Same thing happens with ww and malphite. It usually results in a high priority target dying. Obviously wukong is easier than the likes of fiora but fiora can split push hard and deal some damage if you practice for about I'd say a week. Also the meta is focused on the early game which is why you se more early game beasts appearing like eve, fiora, niddalee, etc. Both can get early leads. What they do when they have them is different. Which should I get?
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