Do Your Job, Meddler. Seriously, Another Theme and Abilities Taken From Another Champion?

{{champion:43}} First you took away Shield Bomb on Karma 4 years ago and gave it to Ivern. You took away Shield Bomb for no reason and replaced it with a Mantra E that exists in the game in multiple ways. You had the opportunity to do anything with Karma's Mantra E and make it more unique to her, but you didn't do that. {{champion:7}} You took away her theme as a trickster and illusionist and put it on a new champion. The Trickster Glass mechanic should have been on LeBlanc or you should have worked on LeBlanc before actually creating a new champion with the same theme. Neeko's W should have been a LeBlanc W because it is a clone. --------------------- What's next, Meddler? You refuse to allocate ANY time on champions that aren't popular or Ryze. You allowed Developers 4 to 5 months to work on Ahri and Lux each, but you only allowed a Developers 2 months to work on Karma and one month was spent on ideation that didn't even make it to the kit. You reverted LeBlanc because you refused to actually find ways to make her kit better, like parts of Neeko's kit that should have been on her's. You have yet to work on champions you blatantly messed up on and you make excuses as to why one champion has to wait 2 to 6 years, but you give Ryze 7 VGU/reworks, Ezreal a prioritized mini-VGU, and always find time to work on popular champions for more than 4 months. Do your job, Meddler. It seems like none of you actually care about your older champion base. You keep taking everything away from specific champions and you don't replace it with better work. You ignore champions for another new champion with the same regurgitated abilities and themes. Work on your old champions and make them look and feel better. Stop creating new champions with the same identities and iconic abilities from other ones. Do your job, Meddler.
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