It matters not what you play, It's how you play it.

Don't worry about what you pick. Pick what you want to play, not what's FOTM Pick champions whose kits you enjoy, not those whose kits are strong. Build champions how you want to play them, not how Reddit wants you to play them Because at the end of the day, you'll play better on a weak champ you enjoy, than a strong champ you don't. You'll play better when you play to your own style, rather than the "meta" playstyle And, the most important thing: You'll play better when you do want makes you happy, not what the meta wants you to do. I've seen Rengar supports do more work than Braums. I've been stomped by AD Heimerdinger I've stomped as AP MF. It's a game, have fun with it. :) For the record I'm not saying "play off-meta". If you want to play strong champs because you enjoy them, then more power to you, I'm merely saying, don't let the meta restrict your choices of item choices or champion choices, hell, skill is such a major factor is any ELO that isn't Challenger of LCS, it doesn't matter what you play. EDIT: Holy shit this thread got wayy more attention than I expected, it also got alot more attention than it's EUW counterpart. Thanks for all the comments :)
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