Tryndamere is unhealthy for league

Who here has been crit twice (or three times) by tryndamere lvl 3 and die from it? Well if he has 35% crit at max fury, then the odds of that are about 4.2%. A champion shouldn't be that reliant on RNG in the early game. "Fair to play against" shouldn't be said here because RNG, as much as I hate it, is as fair as it gets. This isn't good on the other side however, the "Skill expressive" side. The tryndmere player isn't expressing their skill with a dice roll, it's not fair to them. That's why trynd is unhealthy for league. Because RNG champs like that aren't skill expressive, which is what Riot said should be one of the main points of champion design. It doesn't matter if he has a positive or negative win rate; It goes against Riot's champion design philosophy.
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