Hey there. Its me again ..Just an update. I did played some more games again made it to promos

So yeah haha I played some more games again blamed myself again ...Made it to promos and guess what ? Haha Both lane fed a miss fortune 10/0 haha Yup the scores on my team were 0/8/ 3/9 0/9 O/4 Yeah my score was 2/4/2 mid game...these score were not aquired in the late game .. Any way so yeah I bet it would be said that im the reason to blame lol and I do blame myself. Because I dont have control over other players lol ..... And yeah Ik I still have alot of deaths because my score wasnt positive ....thats what I know indeed but what caused my deaths.?..and 80% of the time my deaths are accumilated in the last mins of the game because like always my team manages to feed int or do whatever tf they want and feed 4 ppl that untimately will recognize that Im the only one withstanding and preventing the game from ending so they go hard in the pain for me ...even if it means towerdiving ..and guess what my team sits and watches or they are already dead ...I ward for myself ..I even take the crabs in river because I cant count on the jg or support to do their jobs lmao ...its not my duty but I do it anyway and win my lane always .... So yep I blame myself again haha. So yeah the update Im 510 games now lol ...can never make it past promos because of stuff I cannot control haha but I blame myself anyway even when ppl decide to stand afk in fountain after they feed( lucian ) lool ... Yup I improve my plays and all...I like many players struggle with cs and I made hard efforts to change it haha but nothing helps and I still blame myself Keeping teamates positive, muting toxicity, helping others to get objectives and more and even go as far as doing others jobs for them while telling them that its their duty. Lol ..yup I blame myself for all of it And now Im just waiting to be told that im dewilling on one or two games lol ....but what no one understands and wgat Im trying to get across is that Im trying ....I try hard I get better but not move ....I cant win games if my team doesn't help me lol Im human ...I cant 1v 5 and baby 4 ppl lol...but I blame myself for that too lol

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