Anyone Remember when Riot Said:

Back when Riot made changes to wards, putting a 3 stealth ward limit per person, they (Riot) specifically stated that they would keep an eye on this change and see what develops. The idea behind this change was to get the team as a whole to work together on vision. Not once since then has Riot spoken of this change and the impact it has had if any. Well, from what I can see, in 95% of games (or somehow just my games) ever since the change, no one person but the support has been warding..... still. The ability to get decent vision on the map was killed by this change because most players don't seem to realize vision wins games. My point here is that I (and maybe others) would like Riot to finally respond on the subject. (Or maybe be directed to a page in which they have, in the event I somehow missed it.) Thanks~
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