This game feels now like Dota... but bad.

Before I get destroyed by the downvotes let me just say this; I don't think either game is better then the other or vise versa, this is just my opinion of how the current state of the game is right now. In Dota everything feels so busted that somehow the game feels balanced. This season in League everything feels so unbalanced that the game is almost unplayable. We have a champion that can 1 hit you in a single combo at any point of the game AND can do it every 5 seconds, runes/masteries that simply feel unbalanced (Why am I getting like 400 hp for killing one dude? What is the reason behind this and who made this rune a real thing? All Im watching is dravens 1v5 and if they get 1 kill the other team might as well just take their hands off the keyboard cause no way you're killing that guy), Everyone just gets insta bursted by everyone else, if you have any form of AD ratio you might as well build all armor pen items cause you will legit 1 shot someone, AP supports can out trade most ADC's and watching Nami, Xerath, and Janna just walk up to a AD and out trade them is unfun, Wonky hit boxes like Ezreal Q that synergize with an even wonkier klepto system that allows Ezreals to get like 50k gold by first back, and the list goes on and on. The game is so unfun now that I simply have no reason to play it. Urf came back which is suppose to be the time that most players have fun but the state of the game just makes the game mode not even enjoyable. Maybe I got older, or maybe the game got worse, but this season just does not feel good.
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