Cut Down rune needs rework

The reason is that Cut Down is not always going to work and it works vs champions with higher health. However Coup de Grace will always works no matter against who you are using (tougher or squishier champions) because as long as a enemy champion is below 40% (?) health they receive bonus damage. However if we look at Yi for instance he got even higher starting health than most tanks so that wont help and even if Yi does well against tanks because of true damage he still does worst with Cut down than Coup de Grace. Now if we take blade of the ruined king it does similar job to Coup de Grace - it does something every everyone but it's best vs high health champions. If we put BORK's passive to Cut down it will still help against everyone but most effective vs higher health targets. So overall Bork does what you want Cut down to do - do something against everyone but be mostly effective vs tanks buffing Cut down 5-15% is something but it will hardly matter cause only 1-2 tanks are there on the enemy team even most nowdays are bruiser instead of high health tanks Suggestion - make Cut down similar to bork >Cut-down: Each basic attack or each caster ability that damages enemy champions does 2% target current health as bonus adaptive damage. Additionally if the target enemy champion has higher health than you then you also gain adaptive force per 100 health difference >strong against - high health >weaker against - armor/magic resistance/damage reduction So now Cut-down does something against everyone but is mostly effective vs higher health enemy champions You already buffed Cut down couple of times. Maybe you should think about something different
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