Idea compilation for a possible Mundo Gameplay Update

Just some random ideas for potential future use in Mundo's modernization/gameplay update if or when he gets one. Disclaimer: I apologize if I offend any Mundo mains. #Passive Ideas - Change passive to a form of regenerating based on damage taken rather than just regenerating max health permanently. (% damage taken, per instance damage taken, missing health regen on damage taken, etc.) - Or swap out Mundo's current passive for W's new passive but tack on % health regen per stack. (much preferred) - - Require "in combat with champions" for passive to take effect. - - - Allow a small stack limit for passive functionality when pushing with no enemy champions to proc in combat with. --- #Q Ideas - Add a charge time to Cleaver Toss that increases range, damage and slow potency (and possibly healing). Allows more counterplay to dodge more telegraphed tosses and slightly nerfs Q spam perma slow chasing reliability but heavily increases reward for full charge. (also nerf base values for non-charged Cleavers, primarily the slow) - - Add self slow to the charge but remove cast lockout. (doesn't have to stand still while tossing) - - At max charge it could pierce units giving more incentive for doing so. - - Add a total AD ratio to Q that scales along with the charge, synergizing with his E's AD bonus (nerf base in compensation). - - Enhances his thematic as a ruthless cleaver tossing bruiser. - - Visually update his cleaver to be bigger. :) --- #W Ideas - Add visual reasoning to Mundo's W, such as lighting himself on fire using chemicals or an incendiary. - Add a duration and cooldown to limit stacking effectiveness as well as to buff the ability to give him another "window of power" where he is at his max dueling capacity. - - Would still give stacks per second during the duration. - - Or ignore the duration and cooldown suggestions and just remove interaction with his passive. - - Or keep them and remove the health cost. (caution: thematically makes no sense) - Or just rework/replace his W. (it does seem outdated, though removal/rework is not necessarily necessary. definitely a consideration though) --- #E Ideas - Put a slight cast time on E where he injects himself with a syringe that does all the current effects in addition to a slight burst of speed (think Vlad Crimson Rush) to make up for the cast time. (still costs health, gains AD per life missing, first hit deals bonus damage) - - Fits thematically as the source of his strength. - See: 'Passive Ideas' for W passive swap with innate passive suggestion. --- #R Ideas - Possibly change to simply amplify his passive for a duration while increasing movement speed as it does now. - - Possibly not include magic resist portion of it. ---- #Purpose - One of the two main ideas behind this is to amplify thematics. The other is to add more depth to his play pattern namely with the Q charge addition. - Mundo would lose his relatively mindless Q spam chasing in return for much heavier, more rewarding charged Q's (and being able to move while doing so). - - In teamfights, a skilled Mundo could contribute immensely with well-positioned max charge Q's to cleave and slow multiple enemies. - - Additionally, a new laning dynamic is added by removing minion shielding as a defensive option vs Mundo's cleavers should he fully charge it; however, it can still be dodged with relative counterplay due to the self-slow and the charge time (so hiding behind minions is still the right thing to do, just keep in mind he has the option to cleave through them if he charges it). - E + Q combo rewards him for spending more health for more temporarily more damaging Q's in lane. --- --- #Considerations - With general additions, power budget is to be considered and some or all aspects may need anywhere from minor to massive tuning. - Passive and Ult suggestions may serve to create overbearing amounts of Magic Resist. (consider only increasing healing portion and not the MR with ultimate cast) - Balancing passive healing when in combat vs champions and when out of combat for effective health cost coverage when no enemy champions are nearby as well as proper amounts of healing when there is a champion. (I'm sure the balance team could handle this) - How to balance ultimate usage when out of combat (should he be able to acquire max stacks for passive non-combat usage/Warmogs-esque healing like current? or should his ultimate be limited to use when he is in combat?) Thoughts?
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