Leblanc Change: Strength with Counterplay (Please comment with ideas!)

Oh Leblanc -- how the mighty have fallen! Okay, so pretty much everyone knows that {{champion:7}} 's laning phase was feast-or-famine back when she had her silence. If the [summoner] :cough: knew how to utilize Leblanc's range, she could quickly gain complete lane dominance at will. The strength of a silence combined with the slow+bind was extreme. Post 6, W->Q->E->R was a pretty quick way to isolate and annihilate squishies, and a {{item:3128}} just made it that much faster. With the removal of a silence, the vulnerability of Leblanc has (in my opinion) become stronger than her damage potential is worth. The Risk/Reward heavily favors Risk in most engagements, leaving Leblanc with few opportunities unless she is snowballing out of control (a very bad time to gauge a champion's effectiveness). Understanding the inherent issue with giving her access to another silence, I brainstormed with a friend and came up with the following suggestions. By all means, please comment with ideas and/or counter-suggestions. These were just some things I thought would make her a bit less terrifying to play while providing counterplay and cost/benefit decisions to both Leblanc and her enemies. Please take each idea **independently**, as most of them were counter-ideas to other things we were considering... and definitely *not* designed as a "package-deal." #1. Sigil of Misdirection (Q) + Mimic For each champion **currently** marked by a Sigil, Leblanc gains 1 stack of Misdirection. If Leblanc is struck by crowd-control, she expends a Misdirection stack to block the crowd-control (while still taking any additional effects, such as damage). Detonating a Sigil removes the related Misdirection stack. [To re-clarify: Leblanc only has as many Misdirection stacks as she has currently active Sigils of Misdirection on enemy champions. Expired or detonated marks do not grant a stack.] #2. Mirror Image (Passive) If Leblanc's passive is available (not on cooldown) *and* not currently active, any crowd-control spell to hit Leblanc will instead summon and target her clone, making Leblanc immune to any additional crowd-control from the triggering spell. The summon takes place as normal (LB goes invisible for 0.5 seconds) and her passive will continue to function as if it had been summoned by the standard 40% trigger (which would still exist). [To re-clarify: Leblanc's passive can summon under two conditions -- either by blocking a crowd-control spell (new), or when Leblanc drops below 40% health (current version).] -proposed balance change: Same as above, but Leblanc gains crowd-control immunity while invisible after the clone is summoned. #3. Sigil of Malice (Q) + Mimic -- Rework Leblanc's Sigil detonation deals damage to the surrounding area. AoE damage would be the same as the detonation damage, effectively granting 50% AoE damage to the Sigil (55 / 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 (+ 40% AP) for the Q and 100 / 200 / 300 (+ 65% AP) for the R) Thoughts?
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