You Do Not Need To Win Lane To Win Games

It has been a long time since I have made a thread that helps new players and old ones that are having struggles and in most cases to almost all of them YOU DO NOT NEED TO WIN LANE TO WIN GAMES. Let me put some facts behind this. Now we know farming is key to get gold and using that gold to make you and your team-fighting or split pushing or objective clearing stronger. On the other hand you can get kills which are viewed as luxury gold because it is not really secured gold. You can prevent the enemy from getting kill gold but you cannot prevent the enemy from taking minion if they counter your champion or if they are better at the game. Everyone can remember someone dying 5 times to the enemy top laner which then enables that top laner to snowball the rest of the lanes. PUT TRUST IN YOUR TEAMMATES TO ACTUALLY WIN THEIR LANES BECAUSE IN MOST CASES YOU AT LEAST WIN ONE OF THEM. Dont feed and ask for help through chat and coordinate actual engages that also helps your jungler not baby sit your hell hole of a lane. Feeding early is the number one reason why you lose most of your games and for your teammates. Stop thinking you are pro or even good. Take some humiliation and lose the lane if it means winning the game. Odds are you will see your win rate skyrocket if you just focus on getting what farm is available instead of thinking im the best let me try to snowball myself. You just die 10 times in 25 minutes with that thinking. Please just think about your teammates and stop thinking you are the hard carry. 5 champs are always better than 1. Its simple math. The more well rounded your team gold is distributed the more healthy your teamfights will become. One super fed master yi can still get the D from a better coordinated team. Choose your champs wisely. Pick around what others want to play. Text in chat for better team comps. Find ults that synergize well. Pros and good players always communicate. They always try to help each other out. All it takes is thinking you are worse and you will see yourself climb. It worked for me because my highest ranking is plat this season 9 but after more trolls think they are gods and die 5 times before laning phase ends just ruins the game for the rest of your team.
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