At the end screen of every match I play there has to be a few people talking shit about others' way of playing. Let me please explain something to all of those who can't really listen to another person and only want to speak like a fu*king machine. When a player, say a top laner, plays and loses the lane right from the start, the first thing he would see in the chat is "play def". Now, of course, every single one of you here knows what that means right? it means play under tower, farm whatever you can, and do not ---- DO NOT --- engage in a 1v1 combat vs the other player. it is amazing to me though that whenever 1 player is asked by his team to play safe, the enemy team will call him either coward for staying under tower, or stupid for missing so much farm - even though if that scenario were to happen the other way around, the flamer would have played safe and also the safe player would have flamed him too (ridiculous isn't it?). i would like to explain some things to those who can't actually have a civil discourse: 1- coward- he is not a coward. in fact, he might be even wiser than yourself because if he plays def in this situation, you wouldn't have played safe if you were him right? because of course you called him a coward. i could just imagine the flamer being slaughtered again and again while being a "brave" (and not a coward of course) if he were in the safe player's position. 2- stupid for missing farm - SIMPLE LOGIC; a player would rather lose 100 cs , than die 3 times and while hes dead, lose a 100 cs. please, think before you say anything.
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