Sylas E shield moved on PBE again. Where do you prefer it?

Currently it's being moved back to E1 from E2. Personally I think his trading potential is actually better on shield E2. He also just feels **more rewarding** to play when you get a nice little knock-up and a shield for landing the chain. His survivability is also *arguably better* in situations where you would land an E2 while you were low on HP and when they came back from the stun, you'd have a shield to protect you for a bit. With the shield on E1, if you're like me and you use E1 to play mindgames, the shield will probably fade away by the time you decide to throw out E2. I like to wait and see how they react to my dash/line up a shot so I can get my shield. I guess this could encourage you to throw the chain out sooner instead of holding onto it until your opponent opens themself up. Although if this was meant to be a nerf, then I understand. They did say they wanted to move power around but personally if this does go through I'll miss E2 shield :( I actually had thought bout how I wished it was on E2 when he first came out xD. Better all ins... Oh and e2 shield also made the Zed (similar ones with delayed/dot damage) matchup a bit better IMO because if you played well you could shield the Death Mark while being aggressive. WBU?
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