i dont get this at all...

Why is it that there is only 2 {{champion:157}} &{{champion:23}} champions that gets free critical chance strikes and they are free to build only 2 items that will give them 100% crits with out any real punishment. Trynd is one of the biggest offenders because he gets crits during lvl 1 and you better pray to RNJesus that he doesn't get any crits in his trades when you face him Yasuo... well we all hate him enough because of his wind wall, free shield that mitigates damage, and infinite amounts of dashes. but i hate him more so that he can get 100% crit chance after building {{item:3087}} &{{item:3031}} ~~or if one builds Phantom Dancer but same deal~~ If you make an argument that {{item:3143}} is a good counter against them, its not enough when one has free armor pen and the other has enough attack speed to make it irrelevant. to make matters worse is how Tryndamere can just out last fight when he ults. TLDR: Free crits chances are bullshit and please remove them entirely. It is the biggest reason why we never got a crit chance rune in RR
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