Here's the thing: Aren't you all junglers/assassins/bruisers tired of kai'sa? As an adc she outruns u, when you finally somehow (either flashing or whatever thing you do) get to her, she becomes invisible and she is again far from you, if you get to her again, then she WOOP teleports wherever she pleases and, surprise, she was almost dead but shield comes in action :) and if you are still able to catch her and fight her, she just Q's which does waaay too much damage, and SURPRISE you dead. Ok, I mean, as an adc you are not supposed to have stealth (with increased MS), mobility (short range instant TP) with a shield as well, super long range poke, free damage with Q (she doesn't even need to click on you, just press Q and you eat all that damage). Also there's another things like she scales off AD, AP, can evolve abilities, does both, physical and magic damage... I could be here all day talking about this "adc". Her kit is disgusting, so toxic, as an adc she has an assassin kit in my opinion, shouldn'be be played as an adc then, I feel like she's a hyper buffed Vayne 2.0, innecessary imo. I know adc players might say she's just fine. Well, she's always picked or banned, I'm starting to feel tired of seeing Kai'Sa everywhere, every game, like there's no more adc's. When was the last time you saw a Kog'Maw, Corki, Kalista or Varus? I feel like... it is always Kai'sa on one side and some adc like Lucian, Vayne or Sivir on the other side, but there isn't a game without a Kai'sa involved. I just think she's too much. Let me know your opinion on this, maybe it's just me being too worried or ignorant, but I just dont enjoy games anymore when I see Kai'sa in either team. She really needs to be brought to other adc's level to make the game more fair, since botlane has such a huge impact. Let me know if I'm just crazy. Thx
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