kai sa's damage is a problem and irelias new w sucks

a regular mage who rushed zhonias would usually struggle with dealing damage but not for kai sa. ive seen her played in almost every role (no one seems to wanna play kai sa support) and she doesnt seem to face any struggle. facing her is pretty frustrating at the moment. on the subject of irelias w, its a shittier version of yi's w and fioras' w. it doesnt excel at anything. ive been playing as irelia for quite a while now because im determined to master her but i find myself dying and being bursted when i stop to defensively use it. the only good use ive found for it is to poke and deal damage during a fight. im legitimately afraid to use it because it leaves you open and vulnerable which im pretty sure is the exact of opposite of what its supposed to do. whoever is in charge of the balance team is must be perpetually fried. ive been playing this game for years and within the last 8 or so months you guys have managed to run the game into the ground as hard as you could. its like you guys plugged your ears and refuse to listen to the community's complaints and cry's for mercy. if what youre trying to do is balance the game for competitive play why not just make a separate server for the lcs and other competitions and let the rest of us play a healthy, balanced game. why are you guys like this.

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