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Alright, so Einstein's definition of Insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results", and I believe I follow under this definition playing Ranked in League of Legends. This reality is highly applicable, not only to me I believe, but A LOT OF PEOPLE, where in too many games, induviduals who often win their lanes constantly get placed with Feeders; game after game. But we expect different results, yet the same results appear; FEEDERS, FEEDERS, FEEDERS, FEEDERS. League of Legends Ranked is as I see it, a big contributor towards insanity, and it's unfair that lane-winning induviduals always lose the game because of feeders. Now in my case, I have a 10% win ratio in ranked. Why? Well, if you look at my match history which I just shared in the link, I belive riot have intentionally placed low KDA players on my team IN EVERY GAME and higher KDA players on enemy team IN EVERY GAME, and as a result, even if I have most times won my lane and had a high KDA, when 2 players feed on your team, mathematically it's almost impossible to win the game, the enemy will just have a gold advantage over you and whatever you do it won't affect the fact that you'll lose in most teamfights. The ranked system is unfair, I believe riot are not matching equal skilld based players on both teams, nor are they trying to promote a player base of rewarding and promiting players who play well. Realistically, you cannot use the rhetoric of "it's a team game" as a counter argument to me saying I play induvidually well, because I'm not responsible for my other teammates in their laning phase if I'm for example playing ADC, where most often the two other lanes will lose their laneing 1v1 scenarios. Even if I play as a jungler, people cannot expect the jungler to gank 24/7, so when the jungler is not on their lane, it's their job to make sure that they don't die and not mine. I cannot be held accountable for every action of my teammates. Imagine if that idea was applicable in our society, then everyone would be responsible for everyone's actions and criminals wouldn't be held accountable because the good people didn't care for the "bad person" prior to the bad act, GG justice system. Ranked is not a "just" system, and too many "good players" suffer because riot do not give them the chance to spread their wings. That's all for me.
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