Are we just going to leave Kindred in the dumpster?

I'm a former Kindred main. Ever since she was nerfed repeatedly by Rito, Kindred has felt pretty bad to play. She seems so weak and squishy, and I couldn't seem to succeed on her, so I eventually transitioned to other junglers. I still love Kindred gameplay and lore-wise, but she just isn't viable right now. After the S7 jungle changes, she feels even weaker. I'm not asking for her to return to her super OP state, I just want her to be playable. She has a 0.13% play rate right now. Maybe we could giver her the heal passive back, but slightly weaker, and it only works out combat. or extend the range on her jump. These are just ideas, I'm no balance expert. I think the buff should be pretty small, I don't want her becoming super OP again, just a small buff to help her along.
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