@RIOT Does RIOT have any plans for making supports less attached to marksmen?

There's clearly a highlight on attack speed/healing/shielding for supports, but why haven't we explored more avenues when it comes to buffing allies (or even debuffing enemies)? What I mean is, why not try experimenting with abilities that increase an allies next ability to do X more damage, or ignore X armor/magic resist. Or even to steal damage/penetration from enemies to pass on to an ally. You could also add more skill expression to the kits too with tying it into other skills OR adding charges. Here's an example: Q: Line skill shot, hits first enemy champion and causes their next damaging ability or attack to deal 10% less damage. Lasts 3 seconds. Holds 2 charges. Caster gains a stack of -**charged**- up to 2. W: AoE ground targeted ability. Grants a small amount of movement speed. If you are charged, grants 10% more damage for each charge to allies affected by W on their next attack or ability. And look, now you have two skills that interract with each other well but aren't tied together completely, give varying levels of power based on the champions you're using it on ({{champion:119}} or {{champion:134}}), and require some coordination/timing on the players part too. Also means team comps can make a difference instead of instalocking because an item is good. Why did we get to the point where we have things like {{item:3504}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}}, and the good support kits are those that do the same things, instead of exploring interesting ways for support players to play?
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