The delusional "Tahm Kench most balanced released champ since Vel'Koz" crowd are hillarious :^)

Tahm Kench is not balanced, he is extremely toxic and overtuned. Ranged slow, ranged stun, global ult that takes allies, provides escape for ally, cc for enemies, ranged harss and minion control, his damage scales with HP, so you can build him tank and do fighter-tier damage, he has the best shield/heal/tanky non-ultimate ability in the game that makes Ekko's shield look like a joke, which scales with him building HP, rofl. Stay delusional, keep making "Tahm Kench so well designed and fun" nonsense threads, he will get the nerfs he deserves within 2-3 patches. He is sleeper OP, toxic and the strongest champ they have released so far, once people get a little experience with him and how to abuse him, you will see "nerf Tahm Kench" threads pop up daily. Also, he looks autistic and is a fat ugly fish, the second worst champion they made after that absolute cancer troll champ {{champion:432}}
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