Ultimate Favorite Champions Survey!

Because I love surveys :) Who are your top 3 favorite champions for: Gameplay (How they play) Visuals (If they have a cruddy model, artwork instead) Theme (What they are, for example, a spider lady) Personality (How they act, what they say and how they say it) Lore (Their story) __________________ My answers: Excluding Shyvana, because to those who know me, it is obvious {{champion:102}} is #1 in all categories. Gameplay(Outside of Shyvana) {{champion:92}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:89}} Visuals(Outside of Shyvana) {{champion:28}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:22}} Theme(Outside of Shyvana) {{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:10}} / {{champion:25}} Personality(Outside of Shyvana) {{champion:89}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:92}} Lore(Outside of Shyvana) {{champion:78}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:10}} / {{champion:25}} How about you?

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