@Morello. So now that worlds is over I'm going to make this thread.

Just a bunch of random quotes I remember. **Phreak: Aatrox is in a good position right now. ** 0% pick at worlds. **Ghostcrawler: Jax is a good example of a melee that works. ** 0% pick rate at worlds for the first time... ever. Jokingly highlighted in the last game. **Patch notes: See you in LCS Shen ** 0% pick rate at worlds. **Morello: I think Dr. Mundo is a problematic champion. ** 0% win rate at worlds in what, 8 games? I guess a late game tanky champion (when tanks become useless) who has a single 40% slow as his only CC on a slim skill shot that loses every single lane isn't good for actually winning games, huh? **Ghostcrawler: We want to fix the Shyvana vs. Mundo slap fight. ** Shyvana 0% pick rate at worlds. Mundo 0% win rate. Problem solved? **Entire Riot: We want Melee to have counterplay. ** Irelia and Maokai have 0% counterplay. Only melee champions picked consistently at top (and Irelia was dropped like a rock once it became apparent she was dead weight in fast matches as she lost lane to ranged opponents and had to overextend to fight.) **Entire Riot: Ryze is not overbearing. ** Ryze is 100% overbearing. **Entire Riot: We like where ADCs are at right now. ** ADCs are 100% dominant right now.
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